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We say Good-Bye to corky wines

DIAM closures:
only the best is good enough for Bein Merlot

May 2007 saw us for the first time using the new DIAM-cork for all our bottles; perhaps a small step for mankind, but a giant leap for us.

This innovative stopper is a novel type of restyructured cork. It does away with any sort of closure problems such as the villainous cork taint, leakage problems and other undesired wine bottle variations.

As traditional as we are, this wasn’t an easy decision for us. But its potential convinced us quickly that in future our Bein Merlot will be as good on your table as we bottled it in our cellar. Up to then, we never could completely prevent the occasional corky bottle and other cork-induced bottle variation, despite our utmost efforts in sourcing the best cork material available. Even having the corks personally analysed in private laboratories didn't help.

And the best thing is: The new stopper is still made from natural cork, a wonderful, unrivalled material. It is treated in a elaborate and chemical-free process in order to clean it from any traces of cork-taint and other off-flavours.
Read more about the new DIAM bottle closure at .